Happy Birthday To You!!!

One of life's pleasures is a birthday stocking filled with

unexpected treasures. Start a new birthday tradition: 

fill the birthday stocking with small gifts and slip the

loop over a doorknob or a bedpost. Tie with a bright  

ribbon to the birthday person's chair or hang from the

fireplace for a "Special Delivery" from The Stork. Use

for every birthday, year after year. Babies to teens to 

adults will be delighted!

Custom one-of-a-kind Birthday Stockings in bright birthday colors. Quilted, fully lined, 100% cotton material and batting.

Stocking measures 16 inches from top to toe. Foot length is

10 inches. Top is 6 1/2 inches in width and the loop is 6 inches long. Large enough to hold a paperback book.


Hand or machine wash in cold water with like colors. Tumble

dry low or line dry. $35.00 each.


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